Grammy Ratings Drop 51% to RECORD LOW

Do you think the American people are sick and tired of Cancel Culture? Of course they are, and now the record low ratings from Sunday’s awards show is more proof in the pudding.

The Grammy’s which showed cancel culture insanity is now reeling after the worst ratings in history.

CBS’ Grammys telecast reached 9.2 million — television and streaming — viewers Sunday, the lowest number on record and a precipitous 51% drop from last year, the Nielsen company said.

That followed the Golden Globes’ 63% decline in ratings a few weeks ago and record low ratings for the Emmy Awards last fall.

For the Grammys, the ratings decline came despite the general view that it was a well-produced event.

Not well produced? You mean like letting WAP from Cardi-B be performed live? I mean how could you say it wasn’t produced right as women are grinding and dancing to Wet A**ed Pu**y on stage?

The Grammy’s and The Hollywood elites deserved these terrible ratings, and they should be ashamed of themselves for putting on such a pathetic and juvenile display of corruption and evil.

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2 years ago

The Grammy’s was disgusting. Definitely not family oriented as in years past. The “cancel culture” is going to ruin this country.