Graham to Media & Critics Should Shut Up and Say ‘Well Done Mr. President’

Lindsey Graham at the White House Sunday morning addressed the media in regards to the United States Military killing the #1 terrorist in the world, ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The press as usual couldn’t even focus on the great victory by our amazing Military men and women, they tried to turn an amazing even for America into yet another we hate President Trump moment.

Lindsey Graham answered their questions, and at one point even stated:

“The best of America confronted the worst of mankind, and the good guys won.”

Graham also eluded to the K9 who was in the raid who was severely injured and said “I don’t know the dogs name, but pray for the dog.”

“Whenever I talk to the President and I bring up Terrorism, he always says to me ‘I’m going to get that blank guy’ I cant say the word he uses, but he’s been determined to get him.”

The media as usual, went on a orange man bad rant, and Graham unloaded on them at two separate points with these amazing remarks.

“Look, what I want to talk about today is the brave men and women who went in on the ground and killed this bastard.”

After the last stupid question, Graham dropped the mic with this bomb, and he literally walked away from the podium after saying it.

“This is a m moment where President Trump’s critics should say ‘Well done Mr. President.'”

We could not have said it better Senator.

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