Graham: Half Of The People Behind The Russia Investigation Are Going To Jail

For weeks, Senator Lindsey Graham has been leading the charge investigating Democrats including Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, individuals involved in the FISA process, and the whistleblower. 

On Sunday, Graham broke the news by claiming “half of the people behind the Russia investigation are going to jail.

After being asked when it will happen, Graham reassuringly answered with: “Well, just hang tight.”

Lindsey Graham continued, also claiming the Justice Department is now “receiving information coming out of the Ukraine, from Rudy.” 

The Justice Department confirmed that Lindsey Graham has “created a process that Rudy could give information and they would see if it’s verified.”

This means that the President’s “personal lawyer” will now be relaying information on the Biden’s to the Attorney General’s office.

Rudy Giuliani spoke on the investigation during an interview with Jesse Waters, where he claimed he had “what I used to call when I was U.S. attorney, the smoking gun.”

“We’ve got the documents, Lindsey,” Giuliani said. “This is a money laundering transaction…. It’s about $14.6 million. It’s a notice from the Latvian government to the Ukrainian government that Hunter Biden is under investigation for corruption.”

“I’ll simplify it. $14.8 million goes from Ukraine to a company in Latvia, disguised as a loan. Then it goes from Latvia to another company disguised as another loan, in Cyprus. And then it goes to the U.S. where we lose track of it because when [former Ukraine prosecutor Viktor] Shokin gets it, just about the day he’s fired, there’s no money in here for Devon Archer and Hunter Biden. Everybody else, their money is listed,” Giuliani added.

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3 years ago


You guys know it’s bad, but don’t grasp HOW bad, when MILLIONS OF AMERICANS know things were done that 200 years ago would have ended w/gallows. Our Founders would have started stacking bodies decades ago, and it’s only gotten worse.