Graham Blasts Comey For Resisting Questions During Hearing, Calling it ‘Criminally Inadequate’

While scores of Americans on Wednesday were discussing the fiery first debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden the previous evening, fired FBI Director James Comey was giving testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Sort of.

Oh, he was being asked questions. But he just wasn’t giving many answers.

Comey was called before the committee to answer questions about why his FBI launched a counterterrorism investigation into the 2016 Trump campaign. 

[That’s the sanitized version of events, though. 

What really happened is the FBI, under Comey, launched an operation against a rival political campaign on behalf of a power-mad president, Barack Obama, who wanted to ensure Hillary Clinton succeeded him so she could continue his left-wing legacy of ‘fundamentally transforming’ America. 

Comey & Co. did so willingly, and it turns out, at Hillary’s direction, since the ‘Russian collusion’ hoax was reportedly her idea, according to a newly declassified document.]

That said, Comey first faced questions from the committee chairman Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who grew increasingly frustrated with the FBI director Trump fired as the questioning persisted.

Fox News has more:

During his questioning of Comey, he prodded the former FBI director on whether he was proud of the investigation into potential Russian links with the Trump campaign, which was called Crossfire Hurricane, and his knowledge about the Steele dossier. Comey said he was largely “proud” of the investigation despite some “concerning” parts. But he said he was unaware at the time of much of the allegedly exculpatory evidence for Page that was not presented to the FISA court in the warrant application, and responded that he did not know the answer to many of Graham’s questions.

The became a source of frustration for Graham, who repeatedly raised his voice with Comey.

“Was this an important case for the FBI?” Graham asked, to which Comey said the overall investigation was important but the Page applications were “far less.”

“I mean you have a sitting president of the United States by January 2017, you have a dossier that’s salacious as hell that accuses the president of being involved in all kinds of sex escapades in Russia, and a bunch of other stuff, and you keep using that document over and over again to get a warrant,” Graham said. 


“Every time you found information to put the reliability of the dossier in question everybody seemed to ignore it and just plow forward. So I want to know in January, you’re not aware of the fact that the FBI interviewed the primary sub source [for the dossier]?” Graham said, in reference to a document he released last week that had been declassified.

“Should you have been told about it?” Graham fired back, his voice rising.

Comey, who appeared virtually, said he couldn’t answer. As the questions persisted from Graham, however, Comey kept claiming he was not aware are didn’t know things at the time. 

“Not only is it inadequate, it is criminally inadequate,” Graham said regarding a lack of exculpatory information in the Page FISA applications as he banged his fist on the dais.

“How could the director of the FBI not know all of this? How is it possible the system gathers so much exculpatory information — it’s an internet rumor according to the CIA,” Graham added, shaking his fist. “How could all that happen and not get up to you?”

“They know it never happened … and they never told the court …. it was used over and over again and they never told the court about how unreliable it was,” Graham said.

Will anything ever really happen to Comey for his ‘alleged’ role in Spygate? Probably not. And worse, there aren’t likely to be any real changes to how the FBI applies for FISA warrants.

But if there is any good to come of all this, it’s that these snakes are being exposed and what they did is being exposed. If Hillary had won, we’d never know anything about this and, thus, the people who were involved and have been fired, at least, would still be in government looking for their next victim.

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