Governor Sends Threatening Communist-Style Fear Propaganda to Nevada Schools

Despite the fact that school board and county commissioner meetings across the state have been taken over by angry voters and concerned parents all month, corrupt officials are pushing through mask mandates and forced vaccinations anyway. One commissioner Tick Segerblom who is an open socialist, was caught on video this week admitting he intended to push through vaccine passports and forced vaccinations against the will of the people. Now Governor Steve “Shady” Sisolak is flooding schools across the state with scary pro-vax, pro-mask, you must comply for your own good propaganda.

Sisolak has made a recall against him almost impossible, it was part of one of the first bills he passed in office. Two recalls against him have already failed, and he even had OSHA shut down an outdoor event meant to garner signatures against him. This week it was also uncovered that a no bid $250,000 contract for “financial consulting” was given to his wife through the Nevada Water Authority Board which is an enormous conflict of interest. When does this tyranny end? It seems we must be louder. Governor’s Office: (702) 486-2500) Nevada Department of Education : 702-486-6458

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