GOP Senators Advance Probe Into Whistleblower

Immediately following President Trump’s acquittal in the Senate, Republicans set their sights on the whistleblower behind impeachment. The investigation into the Ukrainian whistleblower has reportedly been underway for months, and Senators seem to have begun focusing on preparing for a vote in the Senate to compel the whistleblower to testify. 

The Senate Intelligence Committee has been able to maintain a bipartisan status despite recent fights in Congress, but this reputation is certainly going to be challenged in the next coming weeks over this issue.

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr spoke on the matter with confidence, telling The Hill:

I think you can rest assured that I’m prepared to do whatever we have to do to interview the whistleblower.

Things are expected to happen quickly after the panel concludes two final reports on Russian election interference in 2016, with Richard Burr saying he plans to talk to the whistleblower “sooner rather than later.

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