GOP Lead Michigan Senate Passes New Election Bills Strengthening Voter ID Requirements

Michigan’s GOP lead State Senate has passed three new voter intergrity bills on a 19-16 vote that will require voters to present ID at polling places. This is a huge step in strengthening the requirements to assure those not registered or illegal cannot vote in elections.

It will also strengthen identity requirements for those who want to vote by mail.

Michigan’s state legislature approved Senate Bills 0303, 0285, and 0304, on a party-line vote with full support from Republicans while every Democrat opposed the legislation, The Epoch Times reported.

Under SB 0303, voters without a photo ID would be required to cast a provisional ballot after which they must verify their identity and residence within six days ignorer for the ballot to be counted. Exactly as it should be.

In order to enforce this legislation, SB 0304 stipulates that voters who received a provisional ballot must be notified of the six-day identity verification rule.

On the last bill, SB 0285 will require Michiganders who are seeking absentee ballots, to attach a copy of their drivers license, state identification number, or the lsat four digits of their social security numbers to their applications.

Michigans current election laws were absurd, and allowed people to cast a ballot without providing voter ID as long as they sign an affidavit.

Any Michiganders who wish to vote by mail using an absentee ballots, or an election clerks office, are now obligated to sign an application which is used for matching signatures, according to The Hill.

Michigan Democrats big on cheating are of course upset by the vote, as they’d love for people to just vote without having to prove they are United States or Michigan residents.

Michigan Democrats have criticized the legislation calling it a modern version of a “poll tax,” as they claim it would deter Michiganders who don’t have a photo ID, especially seniors and low-income residents, from casting their vote.

The Democrats are literally saying that poor people cannot afford a $10 state issued ID card. It’s absurd, how do you work, how do you get public transportation, oh wait, that’s right they don’t work, nor do they worry about any of the above. They just want to rig an election.

Michigan Republican State Senator Ruth Johnson countered the argument by saying that the $10 fee of a state ID is routinely waved for different groups of individuals, elderly, those on welfare, or disability assistance, homeless, or veterans.

Johnson also added that state lawmakers have also introduced bills that will remove any financial barriers preventing citizens from obtaining a photo ID, the Associated Press says.

“These bills would help ensure the security and fairness of our elections . . . requiring voters to verify their identity with ID is the best way to protect the one-person, one-vote standard,” said Johnson.

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