GOP Lawmakers in New York Introduce Impeachment Resolution Against Cuomo, Governor Says He ‘Won’t Resign’

A battle is brewing in New York over falsified nursing home deaths that were covered up by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s administration to avoid an investigation by the Department of Justice an aide said earlier this year.

Now multiple sexual harassment accusers have came forward claiming the governor has done some terrible things.

Amid all of this, and over 30+ Senate Democrats in New York who say they will vote for an impeachment inquiry, the embattled governor says he will not resign from office.

On Sunday, he said he would not resign from office.

“We’re hoping by doing this, we’re going to reminding the majorities it’s time for them to act, ” said Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay. “If they believe in resignation, why not start the impeachment process?”

Some Democrats have echoed the call for Cuomo to step aside.

“We can’t have someone in power, whether intent or not, creating these kinds of situations where women’s careers are derailed or there’s enough trauma invoked that she’s in therapy,” said Assembly member Sarah Clark (D-Rochester)

Republican Assembly member Marjorie Byrnes (R-Avon) says the governor is becoming a distraction.

Quite frankly, it’s bringing Albany to a grinding halt.” said Byrnes. “There have been days where we’ve been scheduled to go into session, and we never did just because there’s been so many conferences going on, on how to handle the governor.”

Byrnes says she supports Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul taking over for the governor immediately.

“I certainly believe her abilities to take the reins, even at this stage of the budget cycle is needed, and she’s more than capable to get us through these trying times we have ahead of us,” said Byrnes.

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