GOON SQUAD: Nevada Governor Has “Compliance Ambassadors” Harassing 300+ Businesses Per Day Over Covid Rules

The Governor of Las Vegas is making Stalin proud as he instills Stalinism across the city. Governor Sisolak has his goon squads harassing business about Covid rules on the daily.

That’s right, business license officers and compliance officers are visiting 300 businesses per day to ensure you’re following the rules of his Covid insanity.

Our business license officers & compliance ambassadors continue to visit 300 businesses per day every day, to ensure they are following
@GovSisolak’s recent directive to help keep workers and visitors safe…

Here is the statement from the Fuhrer:

We will continue to enforce and to educate businesses about the governor’s recent directive and social distancing requirements. Beginning this weekend, the city’s business license officers and compliance ambassadors will visit 2 percent of the city’s businesses, or about 300 businesses per day every day, to ensure they are following the governor’s recent directive. Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak recently signed Emergency Directive 033, adjusting statewide standards on gatherings and other areas. The new directive changes the previous limitation on gatherings from 50 people to 250 people or 50 percent of occupancy, whichever is less. This applies to both indoor and outdoor venues, including houses of worship.

Compliance ambassadors are not enforcing the directive; they are observing behaviors and verifying whether violations are occurring. If there is an enforcement action that needs to be taken, that will be done by a business license officer. The compliance ambassadors are existing city employees; they are not new hires or newly added positions. These employees have been reassigned to the ambassadors program temporarily from their normal department. These ambassadors have been trained to identify whether any violations of the directive are occurring and to educate the business owners. If these ambassadors observe a clear violation of the directive, they will refer that to a business license officer who will then visit the business and address the violation. Business license officers have the ability to write citations and issue fines.

By using ambassadors to observe behaviors, business license officers are able to focus 100 percent of their time on addressing violations, to help keep customers and employees safe.

For more information about the latest state directives, please

What are your thoughts America? Tired of this BS yet?

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1 year ago

Have they visited the Governor’s office or residence, since obviously HE isn’t taking proper precautions…

1 year ago

Whatever happened to freedom? COVID-19 is being used as an excuse for a take-over of the world (without firing a shot!). This seems to be the New World Order. Next will be the vaccine, which is probably to reduce the population, People will not be allowed to fly on a plane or maybe even not be allowed to buy or sell, without proof of vaccination. It’s time for everyone to repent and turn to God. Be aware that the AntiChrist may appear soon. Don’t be deceived; he will be charismatic and appear to be a man of peace, but will… Read more »