Google Secretly Collecting & Cataloging Health Records of Millions of Americans, Welcome to ‘Project Nightingale’

This is absolutely disgusting, and violates every Americans privacy, or right to privacy when it comes to healthcare.

According to the Wall Street Journal, A secret Google venture called “Project Nightingale” is collecting and cataloging the healthcare records of millions of American citizens, storing not just basic medical records but also personal details such as patient names and birthdays.

Google has a partnership with Ascension, the second largest health care system in the country. The massive Catholic hospital is based out of St. Louis, Missouri, although it has facilities in 23 states, as well as Washington, D.C.

According to the bombshell report, patients nor doctors have been notified of the data collection, and hundreds of Google employees have access to the information on tens of millions of patients. Makes you feel really warm and snugly, right America?

You can read more from our friends at The Wall Street Journal.

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