GOD HELP US: White House Announces John Podesta Joining as Senior Adviser to Biden

God Help Us All, one of Hillary Clinton’s top henchmen and goons is joining the Biden Administration. The White House announced Friday afternoon that former top Clinton aide John Podesta will be joining the team as a Senior Adviser to President Biden.

Podesta will be the Senior Adviser to the President for Clean Energy and Innovation and Implementation. Podesta being a top level person in this White House is a danger to every Constitution loving American out there, good Lord.

Podesta’s joining of the Biden White House is just further proof the Clinton’s and Obama’s are calling the shots and have their hooks rooted and deep into this administration.


Podesta was engulfed in the Wikileaks saga where his hacked emails where he talked about blood letting and more. Also lots of code terms for pedophilia in his emails as well, a very disturbing individual to say the least.

When DNC Staffer and Data Director of New Voter Registration Seth Rich was murdered, Podesta’s emails said he would have “no problem making an example out of a leaker.”

Podesta replaces the outgoing Gina McCarthy. Podesta a longtime Democrat operative and former Chief of Staff in the Clinton Administration and founder of the left-leaning Center for American Progress, will serve a major role now in this administration.

I sure hope you’re paying attention Conservatives and Christians in America. They are putting the pieces together to come for you, wake up, heads on a swivel, be ready!

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Alan V Horn
Alan V Horn
4 months ago

This just shows us that pedophiles are now in control of the white house as they hire nothing but pedophiles. God is watching with great displeasure. Karma is likely to rear its ugly head against evil pedophiles with the hand of God’s vengeance.