GETTR CEO Jason Miller: Taliban Terrorists are Allowed on Twitter Despite Horrific Violence and Threats

The latest social media startup in the aftermath of Big Tech’s censorship of Donald Trump and many conservative voices is GETTR. Jason Miller, the CEO, joined this episode of Freedom One-On-One to discuss their new platform which is already extremely popular among conservatives. He points out the utter hypocrisy of the Left in allowing terrorist organizations such as the Taliban to be active on their platforms, but banning President Donald Trump for life.

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In the wake of our Free Speech being stripped away by collusion between Big Tech and our own government, there’ve been many social media companies that have popped up. They’ve all been ok alternatives, but they’ve been far from able to compete with Big Tech and Silicon Valley. It appears, however, that this is about to change with the launch of GETTR.

The CEO of GETTR and former advisor to President Donald Trump, Jason Miller, joined this episode of Freedom One-On-One to discuss this new platform and the reason why having something like this specific social media company is so important to the future of our company.

As Jason clearly explained, there’s a disconnect from reality among the Big Tech Social Media companies. They live in their own bubble, completely surrounded only by their own viewpoints. When you are without dissenting viewpoints within your own midst, it’s easy to view opposing views as “extreme”. This is what has happened in our nation today… we’ve become so polarized that everyone has been separated into their own little algorithmic bubbles, which makes everyone’s viewpoints that much more extreme.

The way to fix this is with open and honest discussion and debate. The decision of the Social Media companies to implement algorithms for your News Feed instead of being chronological is the single worst decision that has led to the worst repercussions. This allowed them to be able to control what we see and divide us into algorithmic bubbles.

GETTR, according to Jason Miller, is chronological, so we aren’t going to have that divisive manipulation. This is extremely refreshing. This gives YOU, the user, the power to see what you want to see based upon who you are following. 

I’ve already seen an uptick in engagement on my profile on GETTR, and I firmly believe that it’s because of the chronological News Feed which allows those that follow me to actually see my content without restriction from the Big Tech overlords.

The Big Tech companies are clearly biased to the Left. They target conservatives while looking the other way when it comes to Leftists and actual terrorists.

A perfect example of this is the simple fact that President Donald Trump is permanently banned from Twitter and Facebook, simply for announcing that he wasn’t going to attend Alleged President Joe Biden’s inauguration. The Left claims that this was “inciting violence.” Hogwash. At the same time they ban Trump, they allow the Taliban to literally use their platforms to organize actual acts of terror. You can’t make this stuff up.

It’s time we begin the transition away from Big Tech and to new platforms like GETTR. I’m still active on multiple platforms, but I’ve been shifting more of my attention to Jason Miller’s platform simply because they are on the right path, they promote free speech and aren’t manipulating who can see my content.

I strongly encourage you to setup an account on GETTR and jump in the conversation. You can follow me on there at @jeffdornik, and Jason Miller is at @jasonmillerindc.

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