GETTR CEO Jason Miller Steps Down to Join Trump’s 2024 Presidential Campaign as Senior Advisor

GETTR CEO Jason Miller, who has helped build GETTR into a legit social media platform in less than two years is now joining President Trump’s 2024 Presidential campaign as Senior Advisor.

Miller previously worked on Trump’s 2016 and 2020 campaigns.

Miller will be stepping down from his role as CEO at GETTR that was developed as a free speech alternative to Twitter.

“Jason Miller is an American Patriot, a friend, and someone who always fights for America. I couldn’t be happier to see Jason back on President Trump’s team as we work to take back our country in 2024,” Matt Couch, founder of The DC Patriot stated.

Miller said in a statement, “It was always a matter of when and not if I returned to help re-elect President Trump in 2024, and seeing the current state of the country under Joe Biden I couldn’t remain sidelined any longer. You can impact the world a lot by launching a social media platform, but nothing compares to getting President Trump back into office.”

Miller will take on the role of senior adviser and provide strategic guidance for the campaign.

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Miller was previously the spokesperson for President Trump at the end of his term in office when he left to launch GETTR.

Miller continued his relationship with President Trump, appearing at political events at Mar-a-Lago and traveling with the former President to his first campaign stops in New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Politico says that former White House Political Director, Justin Caporale, a former White House staffer, Scott Gast, former White House ethics lawyer, and Boris Epshteyn, a legal adviser to Trump have all joined the 2024 campaign as well.

Other names include White House Speechwriters Ross Worthington and Vincent Haley are also back on the campaign. Steven Cheung, another former Trump administration official is also back on board.

More names are expected to be added soon as the campaign hits full stride soon headed into 2024 based out of West Palm Beach, Florida.

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