GETTR CEO and Trump Adviser Jason Miller Discusses Brazil Trip & Detainment by Progressive Supreme Court Judge with Matt Couch

Our good friend Jason Miller, the CEO of GETTR, and a top adviser to President Donald J. Trump sat down with our own Matt Couch to discuss his detainment in Brazil this week after meeting with the Brazilian President and others.

Miller was in the country for CPAC Brazil where he was invited to speak. He was also there to tell Brazilians about his new free speech platform that he is hopeful they will use.

Unfortunately for Miller, Brazilian politics may be even harsher than those in the United States. A Supreme Court judge in the country who sides with the progressive party had Miller detained for questioning. Americans truly do not realize so many of us are fighting the lockdowns, mandates, and issues we’re facing, it’s because this could one day happen in America if we don’t pull up, and pull up fast.

Miller goes on to talk about how much power that the Supreme Court justices have in Brazil. Sound familiar? You can watch the full interview as he discusses his trip, detainment, and release this week because he met with a political party that the other side didn’t like. It’s a truly remarkable story.

You can always find Matt Couch uncensored on Patriot TV at PatriotTV.LIVE

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