German City Offers Coffin Like Pods to Homeless in Winter Months

Here’s a bizarre story out of Germany, as one German city has unveiled something for homeless to sleep in that resembles a coffin like pod..

The German city of Ulm has unveiled futuristic insulated sleep pods for the homeless on cold winter nights. 

The following is from our friends at Zero Hedge:

Two of these “Ulm nests” were positioned in Ulm, 75 miles west of Munich, earlier this month. The pods give homeless people an emergency place to sleep as colder weather has blanketed much of Germany.

These small shelters are positioned in parks and other strategic areas. Each pod can accommodate two occupants and is made of wood, steel, and plastics. Thermal insulation surrounds the pod’s interior while fresh air circulates, allowing occupants to survive cold winter nights. 

From the initiative’s official Facebook page, they said Ulm nests “are equipped with solar panels, which allows (at least) energy neutral use during the day.” 

The initiative said each Ulm nest is connected to their internet of things network that alerts the Caritas Ulm-Alb-Donau charity association or Ulmer Nest about overnight stays. The next day, charity members will direct occupants to the city’s homeless service, ensuring they will have the care to get them off the streets. 

Would you sleep in this America?

You can read more from our friends at Zero Hedge.

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Major Kalhoun
Major Kalhoun
11 months ago

Can you stack these 100 high for LA County?