Georgia Waffle House Overrun by Customers, Until Four Teen Boys Jumped into Action to Help Out

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When the Atlanta Braves won the big game – fans celebrated at the hottest restaurant in town — Waffle House. 

Teenager Andrew Mack and his buddies showed up at the Waffle House in Cherokee County — for some scattered, covered and smothered.

Turns out – just about the rest of the county did as well. The place was literally overrun by hungry fans. 

Three of the diner’s five workers failed to show up — leaving only a waitress and the fry cook. 

Now most folks would’ve gotten back into their pickup truck and found another place — but not Andrew.

The teenager and his friends stepped up to the plate — taking orders, sweeping floors, bussing tables and washing dishes. 

The Cherokee County Commission got wind of what the boys had done – and they issued a special proclamation for Andrew, Ryan Throne, Jared Russo and Gabriel DiTirro. 

“These four young men did not have to do any of that. They could have just left things go on as they were, but they saw a need and stepped up,” Commissioner Richard Weatherby told WSB’s Sandra Parrish.

The boys were also honored by Waffle House — hopefully with a bounty of waffles and hashbrowns – both scattered and covered. 

DiTirro, who will be leaving for the Navy in a couple weeks, says it’s nice to help.

“It’s really awesome–I didn’t really think this would ever happen. I just went and did some dishes and now I’m getting my own day with my best friend,” says Mack.

“If you see anywhere that’s in need, just ask to see what you can do to help others,” he told radio station WSB.

Andrew shrugged off the accolades — says he did what he was raised by his momma to do. Yessir, that’s how we do things in the South.

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