Georgia Democrat Congresswoman Makes Dumbest Statement on Record Ever About Assault Rifles (VIDEO)

It seems that many Democrats have a real problem when it comes to understanding guns/firearms. They seem to think that an AR-15 is the same thing as a machine gun, it’s a “weapon of war,” and they refuse all reality when people try to inform them otherwise.

In some instances, some of them show off just how ignorant they are, such as when Joe Biden claimed that a 9mm handgun could blow a lung out of someone’s body. Now that was fantastical and makes one realize there is a lot of competition among ignorant Democrats for worst comment ever, but Representative Lucy McBath (D-GA) may have just surpassed Biden for most ignorant comment. McBath gets bonus points for doing it during a Congressional hearing so the ridiculous comment could go into the Congressional record.

“With assault rifles, exit wounds can be a foot wide,” McBath declared. ” The victim’s skull explodes on impact. Organ’s rupture, bones shatter, the shards serve as shrapnel and tear tissue to pieces. There is a reason we never see the images after a mass murder, many of the bodies no longer exist.

Amazing! Exit wounds a foot wide? What is it, a cannon? It’s unbelievable the powers that “assault rifles” have that can make a body disappear. Wonder where those are available for sale.?

We can all agree it’s not good when people are shot. But this is simply an attempt to demonize guns and twist realty into a pretzel to argue why the guns should be done away with. It’s even untrue what McBath says about handguns, as she tries to contrast them favorably to “assault rifles.”

If a person has to lie about what they are arguing, then you know the case is weak, to begin with. But this is what Democrats have constantly done on the gun issue and this is why some of them are so uninformed, they believe their propaganda rather than reality.

Here is the problem, when folks who spout things like this are responsible for making laws and their lunacy translates into those laws because they don’t understand the facts themselves.

People had a field day on Twitter schooling McBath on the issue. Here is an example:

Thank you, Representative McBath, for our laugh of the day. Now resign, and let someone who knows something about the issue take your place.

We appreciate our friends at Republican Daily for content in this article.

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