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General Over COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Says All of America Must Receive the Vaccine Within 24 hours of Executive Order & Approval

Gus Perna was asked during an interview on CBS News’ “60 Minutes” on Sunday how quickly a vaccine would begin to be delivered to 300 million Americans.

“Within 24 hours,” Perna said.

The veteran Army supply officer put in charge of the distribution effort by President Trump said everything would start rolling once he issues an “execute” order.

Here’s a video below where he’s speaking to the media, and he says a few things that are in my opinion, quite alarming. See for yourself.

“One, upon emergency use authorization, all of America must receive vaccine within 24 hours as I said, I think this is incredibly important, fair and equitable distribution of the vaccine throughout the country simultaneously. There is no haves and have nots, it is an equitable distribution and we are driving hard to make sure that happens.”

Now is he talking about a mandatory forced vaccine, or is he talking about distribution? How are they going to do this in 24 hours without it being door to door and force? People lining up to go get the vaccine would take weeks/months even, right?

“I’m holding on to that number right now because I want to not create anxiety and we need to work through the details. A month from now, I’ll have more,” he said.

We surveyed 2,000 health care individuals, physicians and nurses and we know that over 60 percent of the physicians said that they would get the vaccine. We know that about 40 percent of the nurses said that they would line up to get the vaccines,” Persichilli told CBS in the interview, adding that “there is a lot of vaccine hesitancy.”

Perna said that would be his worst nightmare.

“We get vaccines to the American people and they don’t take them. Shame on us. ‘Hey, I was already sick, I don’t need it.’ Shame on us. ‘Hey, I don’t believe in vaccines.’ Shame on us. Just shame on us and it does keep me up at night,” Perna said.

What are your thoughts America? We’d love to hear your opinions.

Thanks to our friends at The New York Post for contributing to this article.

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Blue North Wind
Blue North Wind
3 months ago

Thank you for the article. Shame on them for violating Several historical legal precedence on using humans as guinea pigs.


Sarah Hansen
Sarah Hansen
3 months ago

No one has a right to force a medical procedure on others. Every needle he wants to force into another needs to be turned onto him. And wtf is this terrorist doing in any position of power!?

Katherine Koehler
Katherine Koehler
3 months ago

Why should anyone take a vaccine for a flu-like illness that for most age groups has over a 99% recovery rate? I know 7 people that got it, (3 of those were between 65 and 78) who all had very mild symptoms and recovered just fine at home. I myself have never had the flu in my life and never had the flu shot either. Will not be taking this vaccine when I have a killer immune system that works just the way it should.

3 months ago

Don’t be stupid. FORCED VACCINE?

2 months ago


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