General Milley Flips on Pelosi, Biden, and Blinken in Bid to Save His Own A**

General Milley has made multiple statements in Senate testimony over the past several days that directly contradict the Biden administration. Thinks are definitely heating up in our nations Capitol.

The highest ranking general has refused the accounts given by President Joe Biden, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and Secretary of State Antony Blinken over some of the massive controversies facing their administration.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced back in January as you may recall that she ad reached out to General Mark Milley to preemptively intervene in the potiential of President Trump launching a nuclear war for no given reasons. Other than her own delusional idiocy of course.

“This morning, I spoke to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley to discuss available precautions for preventing an unstable president from initiating military hostilities or accessing the launch codes and ordering a nuclear strike,” Pelosi said in a letter to colleagues. “The situation of this unhinged President could not be more dangerous, and we must do everything that we can to protect the American people from his unbalanced assault on our country and our democracy.”

The Washington Post’s Bob Woodward and Robert Costa in their forthcoming book “Peril” discuss the episode:

Milley told Pelosi that there were “a lot of checks in the system” to prevent Trump from going rogue, the book said.

Pelosi reportedly then told Milley: “He’s crazy. You know he’s crazy.”

“He’s crazy and what he did yesterday is further evidence of his craziness,” Pelosi added, referring to the deadly Capitol riot.

According to the book, Milley responded, “I agree with you on everything.”

On Wednesday, General Milley addressed the issue in a matter-of-fact manner suggesting that he did everything exactly by the book.

“Speaker of the House Pelosi called me to inquire about the president’s ability to launch nuclear weapons,” he confirmed. “I sought to assure her that nuclear launch is governed by a very specific and deliberate process. She was concerned and made various personal references characterizing the president. I explained to her the president is the sole nuclear launch authority and he doesn’t launch them alone and that I am not qualified to determine the mental health of the President of the United States.”

“There are processes, protocols and procedures in place and I repeatedly assured her there was no chance of an illegal, unauthorized or accidental launch,” he added. “By presidential directive, and Secretary of Defense directive, the chairman is part of the process to ensure the president is fully informed when determining the use of the world’s deadliest weapons. By law, I’m not in the chain of command and I know that. However, by presidential directive and DOD instruction, I am in the chain of communication to fulfill my legal, statutory role as the president’s primary military advisor.”

“At no time was I trying to change or influence the process, usurp authority or insert myself in the chain-of-command,” he added in a seven-page unclassified memo to the Senate committee.

The General’s remarks however show just how tyrannical and power hungry Nancy Pelosi is, and she committed treason in trying to remove power from a sitting United States President.

Milley as you also recall according to Woodward’s new book made two calls to top Chinese General. Milley also refuted those claims.

The general even went so far as to claim that Trump officials knew about his call to his communist Chinese counterpart.

“I know, I am certain that President Trump did not intend to attack the Chinese,” General Milley testified to the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday.

“It was my directed responsibility by the secretary to convey that intent to the Chinese,” Milley said.

“My loyalty to this nation, its people, and the Constitution hasn’t changed and will never change as long as I have a breath to give,” he said. “I firmly believe in civilian control of the military as a bedrock principle essential to this republic and I am committed to ensuring the military stays clear of domestic politics.”

What are your thoughts America, do you believe General Milley?

Thanks to our friends at Tending Politics for helping contribute to this article.

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David E Gignac
David E Gignac
1 year ago

I think this confirms what we all have known all along, that Pelosi is the crazy, mad, power hungry victim of her own ambition.
The people rotting in jail since the ‘imaginary insurrection’ are also a part of her insane plot against Donald Trump and ‘We the People’ need to be protected from her madness.

Adeline Thompson
Adeline Thompson
8 months ago

Thanks for making your right decision Mr General. So important.
Following you helped me change my mind in certain areas for the better. I’m getting smarter while keeping the peace and being of good behaviour

Od King
Od King
8 months ago

Sounds like Pelosi is describing Biden