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General McInerney’s Latest Interview: “The President Should Authorize and Use The Insurrection Act”

Former 3 Star General Thomas McInerney has been making the rounds the last 48 hours, blowing the whistle on voter fraud, and treason in the 2020 elections.

The General spoke with Anna Khait LIVE on Monday morning, explaining that this was a coordinated effort to overthrow the American government, and the President must use the “Insurrection Act.”

General McInerney: “At 2:30 AM EST on the 4th of November TV broadcasts reported that contests in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Michigan decided they would stop counting all at the same time. This is unprecedented and this was too obvious.”

The General also went on to explain that the President signed an executive order on September 12, 2018 that gives him the authority to do exactly what needs to be done here. He explains that the President “knew this was coming.”

General McInerney: “They are using the CIA system I told you about, Hammer and Scorecard. It modulates it to flip the vote, and gives the person using it a 3% margin.”

CIA and Scorecard are the systems that we’ve spoken about here at The DC Patriot, which can be used to manipulate voting machines in foreign countries. Something that were never intended to be used against Americans.

General McInerney: “President Trump should declare Martial Law, he should suspend the electoral college certification, and he should suspend the inauguration until this is cleared up. It’s time for military tribunals.”

This is an explosive interview, and you need to watch the whole thing America!

I’ll leave you with this word from General McInerney:

“The penalty for treason is death by firing squad. Military tribunals need to happen.”

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Michael Ward
Michael Ward
1 month ago

While it’s a beautiful thought, NOTHING will happen to these treasonous vermin. They’ll get off SCOTT FREE and We the People will be to blame for not rising up to meet the challenge!

1 month ago

It’s not voter fraud, it’s election fraud.

Votes were just made up from thin air while transferred to Frankfort and switched, or brand new fresh, uncreased mail-in ballots were forged at the polls.

Roger Lopes
Roger Lopes
1 month ago

The Justice Department is quietly amending its execution protocols, no longer requiring federal death sentences to be carried out by lethal injection and clearing the way to use other methods like firing squads and poison gas.

So corrupt democrats, BLM and Antifa you better start to run, because the draining of the swamp just started!

1 month ago

Yes I feel the general is correct and if things don’t change quickly we are completely lost.

1 month ago

He was cheated out of this election and the socialists got what they wanted. He deserved to win.
He should do whatever takes to get to the bottom of this fraudulent election and all who participated should be accountable by law. They are trying to overthrow our government and proceed with a socialist agenda. In the meantime they could render conservatives obsolete|. We cant let this happen. We are letting this happen and its wrong. Every power available to the president to stop this coup attempt should be implemented.

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