Gene Simmons Delivers Emotional Speech About America at Pentagon

Kiss legendary rocker Gene Simmons delivered a heartfelt and emotional speech at The Pentagon today.

Simmons was there to help promote military service and thank the service members assembled. Simmons came to the Pentagon press room today to shake hands and say thank you to troops. He spoke about the values his mother instilled in him about America.

Instead of a more “rock on”-type vibe, Simmons choked back tears as he told the room how his mother was 14-year-old when she was put in a Nazi concentration camp, survived, gave birth to him in Israel and came to America.

Such an unexpected moment at the Pentagon, He gave a touching and deeply personal speech about his mother and her love of America.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had more celebrities like Gene Simmons who truly loved this country and it’s history?

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3 years ago

Wow. This is what patriots feel. THIS is what every single American Democrat should feel.. And perhaps they will once again. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS DONALD J. TRUMP FOR LOVING THIS COUNTRY SO MUCH. . TO STOP AT NOTHING TO SAVE IT FOR US AND FOR THE WORLD.