Frozen 2 Official Teaser Trailer Released (VIDEO)

They’re back!

One of the most successful Disney ventures in history is returning to the big screen in Frozen 2, including the entire cast.

I remember watching this movie with my then five year old, who’s now 11 and thinking, this is going to be a hit, and I was right. It’s became another Disney juggernaut.

Now Frozen 2 is officially happening, and they’ve released the teaser for everyone to see, I’ve attached it in this article, and I hope you enjoy it.

Feel free to leave feedback, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this upcoming movie, and anything else that we report.

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3 years ago

Rats. With all the news that the Mueller investigation will be a “bust” for Democrats, I thought you would have a trailer of CNN showing Hell freezing over as they admitted all of their tripe was … tripe.