Frontier Airlines Ramps Up Discrimination Against Unvaccinated Employees for Holidays

Last year first responders, doctors, nurses, and even flight attendants and pilots were called America’s heroes. They were celebrated for continuing to work and putting their own health at risk, or so we thought, and keep vital services going and the economy afloat during the “pandemic.”

Today these same people are being vilified, discriminated against, and even fired from their jobs for exercising their medical freedom and privacy. Many people do not want to get the experimental, yes it’s still experimental, coronavirus vaccine because of the thousands of cases of side effects and even deaths. Religious and medical exemptions are being illegally denied across the board.

We have seen employees pushing back against vaccine mandates at airlines like Southwest and American Airlines causing hundreds of flight delays and costing these companies millions in revenue. Now the mainstream media will openly lie to you and tell you it was because of weather and air traffic control issues. If that were true all airlines would have been affected, they were not.

One particular airline, Frontier Airlines, has not openly stated they would fire employees for not receiving the “woke poke,” but they are getting creative with discrimination against employees.

Frontier affords employees the opportunity to get a discount on health insurance annually. To get the discount employees must get a physical by their doctor and sign a nicotine free affidavit. For 2022 employees must show proof of vaccination. Non vaccinated employees will have to pay a minimum of an extra $700 a year and medical and religious exemptions are not being honored at this time.

In the middle of the night of October 19, 2021, Frontier management decided to change the dependability policy for employees with just a few hours warning. Just for reference every time an employee calls in sick, even with a doctor’s note, they are given points. Points are usually about 1.5-2 points each occurrence. If an employee reaches 8 points in one year they are fired. These strict regulations are pretty standard in the airline industry. Frontier, however, decided to take away the one free sick call for employees a year and increase points to 2.5 points for a sick call.

Frontier blames and increase in sick calls since January for the reason for the policy change. It is true there has been a dramatic increase in sick calls. What they won’t tell you is most of these sick calls are from vaccinated employees who experienced side effects from the vaccines or the vaccinated employees contracted coronavirus. Frontier even had two vaccinated employees die this year from vaccine side effects and/or coronavirus.

In the spirit of the holidays Frontier also decided to make their annual Christmas parties for vaccinated employees only. Employees reached out to management who stated it was the venue policies that guests have to be vaccinated. A few employees actually called these locations and most did not require vaccination cards. Management did not offer any alternative events or gift cards for the unvaccinated employees. 

Tyranny and discrimination are trickling down from the White House to private companies. It is time to fight back and stand up for what is right. After all my body my choice right?

Barry Biffle is the CEO of Frontier, feel free to let him know how you feel:

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[…] this week, I reported how Frontier Airlines has been illegally discriminating against their own unvaccinated employees, going as far as to charge them $700 extra on their health […]