Free Beer, Savings Bonds, Rides, New Car Give Aways, Among Incentives Being Offered to Take COVID Vaccine

As the liberal media, Democrats and RINO’s (Republicans in Name Only) continue to push the experimental Covid-19 vaccine on the American people, it’s more and more apparent most folks are having none of the nonsense.

Now they’ve upped their game to try to coerce Americans into doing something that they do not want to do.

Free Beer, Pot, Doughnuts, Savings bonds, among other ridiculous offers are being used to entice folks to get the Covid-19 vaccine. You know, the vaccine that you don’t need because your body has a 99.97% chance of beating the virus if you’re healthy and under the age of 55.

Now the dolts in power are doing what they call “Vaccination Drives.”

Say what? If it’s so good for you, why would you have to do incentives and giveaways to get Americans to take it? Perhaps because the majority of Americans are no longer buying your bullshit. Why would we take a vaccine and still have to wear a damn mask? Tell anyone how that makes any sense as Florida governor Ron DeSantis put it.

These relatively small, mostly corporate, promotion efforts have been accompanied by more serious and far-reaching attempts by officials in cities such as Chicago, which is sending specially equipped buses into neighborhoods to deliver vaccines.

Detroit is offering $50 to people who give others a ride to vaccination sites, and starting Monday will send workers to knock on every door in the city to help residents sign up for shots.

Public health officials now say that it’s crucial to reach people who haven’t been immunized yet. The question is why? There’s a 99.97% chance of beating the virus without the vaccine, why are they pushing this so hard? It’s about control and showing the American people who’s boss, that’s why.

“This is the way we put this pandemic in the rearview mirror and move on with our lives,” said Dr. Steven Stack, Kentucky’s public health commissioner.

Meanwhile, more activities are resuming around the U.S. as case numbers come down. Disneyland is set to open Friday after being closed for over a year, while Indianapolis is planning to welcome 135,000 spectators for the Indy 500 at the end of May.

States still requiring mask mandates and idiocies make zero sense after seeing states like Texas, Florida, Arkansas, and Oklahoma having no issues in fact, much lower numbers than states on lockdown. The time to open America is now.

Just a little thought, scientists and media can be bought just as easily as politicians.

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Wing Walker
Wing Walker
2 years ago

They say there’s a Sucker Born every Minute !! I’m not risking my life with a unknown death sentence, and thats Exactly what those shots are !!!