Fox News ‘Parts Ways’ with Napolitano Same Day, DC Patriot Breaks News of Lawsuit of Employee Suing Network over Alleged Misconduct by Judge & Others

Fox News has parted ways with former judge and contributor Andrew Napolitano the same day that The DC Patriot broke the story that the network had been sued by a current employee who made allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace against him.

The network said it had “parted ways” with Judge Andrew Napolitano, and that “additional allegations” in the filing are “baseless.”

Two Fox News employees Judge Andrew Napolitano and Fox Business host Larry Kudlow were named in a lawsuit along with the Fox News CEO and other executives on Monday morning.

The suit filed by current employee John Fawcett, a production assistant, alleges that Fox News has allowed sexual harassment and sexual and racial discrimination at the company, and that the behavior was perpetrated “by senior management or prominent on-air personalities.”

“One of Fox’s foremost contributors, Judge Andrew Napolitano, has sexually harassed numerous young male employees during his tenure at Fox News, and Plaintiff John Fawcett, age 27, is one of those young men,” the lawsuit reads. “Judge Napolitano’s misconduct was reported to Fox’s human resources department by the Plaintiff and others, and senior executives were aware of Judge Napolitano’s serial harassment, but Fox took no action whatsoever against Judge Napolitano. Instead, Fox allowed him to appear on-air regularly.”

Fawcett also claims and alleges that Larry Kudlow who replaced Lou Dobbs made racist and sexist remarks.

You can read the original story first broke here at The DC Patriot HERE.

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1 year ago

Oh, that’s good. Won’t miss him anytime soon.