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Fox News FIRES Ed Henry Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Fox News has fired anchor and reporter Ed Henry following what they claim to be sexual misconduct allegations.

The following press release is from Fox News:

The following is from Sandra Smith, Ed’s former co-host while LIVE on Fox News.

Ed Henry as many of you may recall last year gave half of his liver to his sister so she could survive. This doesn’t seem like something you would expect from someone as respected as Ed, and as always we here at The DC Patriot believe EVERYONE has the right to due process in America.

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6 months ago

Murdoch sold Fox entertainment to Disney. Fox News Channel is now Fox News Corporation. Globalist run it and is slowly removing the old guard and replacing it with the new. I wonder who is next?

Thomas R Weaver
Thomas R Weaver
6 months ago

Other than the termination announcement, am wondering where the transparency is IRT the investigation results….

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