On Wednesday, on Fox News, the co-host of Fox & Friends Brian Kilmeade, along with his co-hosts, criticized President Joe Biden for saying on Tuesday,  “Americans who are not near as smart as I thought they were,” addressing Americans who have not gotten the coronavirus vaccine.

Kilmeade and his co-hosts were referring to the comments that Biden had said about unvaccinated Americans and the new guidelines on masking imposed by the CDC.

“Are we going back to politicians looking at CDC guidelines and deciding what’s best for us?” Kilmeade asked.  “We tried that road, and we don’t like that road.  We don’t want to get medical advice from politicians.”

Kilmeade argued that people should have access to the most accurate information possible but that they should then be free to have the choice of whether or not they wanted to get vaccinated.

Kilmeade also commented, “More of his insulting comments.  Remember his comments: you ain’t black if you’re not voting for me?  He just said last week ‘do I suck the blood of children?”  Then Kilmeade continued by suggesting that Biden’s insults were part of a pattern of behavior.  “Then called the one guy that asked questions about his health, ‘Are you a junkie’? He accused Facebook of killing people.  What is it with him and unthoughtful phrases?”

Co-host Steve Doocy also opinionated, suggesting that the Biden administration was effectively punishing vaccinated Americans because they could not mandate the vaccine for everyone.

Doocy said, “They’ve convinced the CDC and worked in coordination with the CDC, and now, what they are doing is masking all of us, essentially punishing the people who got the Vaccine.”

Biden was calling some Americans not as smart as he thought because they haven’t had a vaccination.  But maybe they have already had the Covid and don’t need it, or maybe they are children.  Often people say things without thinking and this president is definitely very capable and one of the often, that does that.

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