Former UFC Lightweight Champion Kabib Buys UFC Shares at Advice of President Dana White

Russia’s first UFC Champion has now turned his attention to multiple business ventures.

According to Kabib Nurmagomedov he’s made sure to capitalize on the UFC”s parent company, Endeavour, becoming a publicly traded company.

When he was asked if he had acquired shares in the company, Nurmagomedov said: “Who gave you this information”

“Yes, I am already there.

“[The] UFC has already gone to IPO and I have some part of the shares.”

Kabib was asked if he might be able to lobby for the promotion if his status as a shareholder permits him to lobby for “something” in the promotion.

“We discussed this topic with Dana White in a lot of our meetings. 

“I see great prospects for [the] UFC.

“They went to IPO and they have very great prospects.”

When asked if the UFC brass gave him shares, Nurmagomedov replied: “I don’t like gifts.

“We can say that I bought UFC stock. This will be true.”

Nurmagomedov’s revealing of his acquisition of UFC shares comes a few days after he was reported to have signed a contract to play professional football.

Last week, RT claimed the Dagestani destroyer had inked a deal with Russian third division side FC Legion Dynamo.

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