Former Texas Governor and Secretary of Energy Rick Perry Explains Why Saudi Arabia Told Biden to Pound Sand

President Joe Biden traveled to Saudi Arabia last week-end in what many have described a shameless attempt of begging the Saudis to pump more oil to help him out with the current gas price crisis in the United States. This is the same country that Biden has done his best to turn into a pariah state.

According to several media outlets, the begging apparently didn’t work, with some reporting that Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), the Saudi Crown Prince, even went so far as to laugh in Biden’s face during their meetings, something that’s less then encouraging from a success of the negotiation’s standpoint. And MBS even did that after he was so privileged to fist-bump with Biden.

According to Rick Perry, the former United States Secretary of Energy, 2017-2019, under former President DonaldTrump, it might not just be that the Saudis are furious with Biden over his attempts to turn them into a pariah state, but that they’re already pumping about as much oil as they’re able to. 

Perry made an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Your World” last Friday where he said, “Well, I think, at $100 oil, the Saudis are producing about as much as they can. They recognize that  the wealth that’s being created in their oil fields, and they’re  I’m going to suggest to you they’re at the  very close to the limits of their production, as are the other OPEC countries.”

Continuing, Perry said, “If they’re at the limit, they can’t pump more, and certainly won’t invest in doing so just to make Biden’s gas price problem a bit less pressing, something made all the more certain by his repeated, previous attacks on them.”

Perry than went on the attack of Joe Biden for his support of the Iran nuclear deal, exposing why it could empower the Iranians and help them fund yet more terrorism in the region.

Perry commented, “The sadder part about what President Biden is doing is, he’s empowering countries like Iran, not only getting them back into the Iran nuclear deal but also allowing them to sell millions of barrels of oil and refreshing their coffers that they’re using against the United States and our allies in that part of the world.”

This is reason enough for the Saudis to be unwilling to help, as they see Iran as their major enemy and any deals that helps it rebuild its struggling economy and fund more mayhem in the region is a deal the Saudis wouldn’t like.

Then, Perry returned to the gas price problem and highlighted that the Saudis can’t just snap their fingers and lower the cost of fuel, while also describing the very problematic political situation facing Biden saying, “So, I think this is an optical thing for him. And the Saudis aren’t going to magically bring the price of gasoline down.”

Perry then concluded, “And that’s what this president is worried about. He is worried about what’s happening in every hometown across this country, where gasoline prices are through the roof, inflation is being driven, recession is just around the corner, and people are looking at his policies and going, you’re at fault.”

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