Former O.J. Simpson manager says he ‘didn’t act alone’ in killing: report

Norman Pardo, O.J. Simpson’s former manager is producing a documentary about the infamous murder – presenting the case that Simpson “didn’t act alone.”

Pardo, a self-proclaimed friend to O.J., who worked with him for over 20 years following his acquittal, has been working on the film for four years with co-executive producer Dylan Howard.

The pair will pitch the series next week to streaming services, cable and premium networks to coincide with the 25th anniversary of the killings of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

“For the first time, the most thorough investigation into the murder ever conducted will be shared with America,” said Pardo, who claims to have over 70 hours of never before seen video of Simpson.

“And they believe they can not only prove Simpson was involved in their deaths — but for the first time reveal he had at least one accomplice.”

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