Former First Lady Michelle Obama Complained About Having to Pay For Groceries While She Lived in White House

Former First Lady Michelle Obama complained about having to pay for groceries while she lived rent-free with complimentary butlers and dozens of personal staff at the White House during a conversation about her new book with Oprah Winfrey in Chicago on Tuesday.

Oprah and Obama discussed life in the White House when Oprah asked Michelle Obama if she could ask the White House butlers for a refreshment at any time of day if she would like.

“You know, you can but then you realize, [and] I write about this, that you pay for it,” Obama said.

Obama then explained that she had to ask former President Barack Obama to stop saying he wanted certain foods because they would end up having to pay the bills for it.

“When people say, “the taxpayers are paying for that,” and the truth is yes, you don’t pay rent, and you don’t pay for staff. But everything, every dish, they would count the number of peanuts that you eat and charge it back,” Obama explained.

“This is not a complaint, it’s just something that people don’t understand,” Obama said, before continuing to complain about having to pay for the food that friends and family eat when they visited the White House.

Michelle Obama is the second prominent Democrat in the past week to complain publicly about paying her own way in Washington, D.C.

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Sean Bearly
Sean Bearly
3 years ago

I’m no fan of President Obama, but to say that the former first lady was complaining is a huge partisan stretch. She clearly states, “This is not a complaint.” She is responding to questions from people who don’t understand what is paid for and what is not for those living in the white house. To simply point out the things that are not paid for is not complaining. By your standard, half of everything said in this world is a complaint. If someone asks me if my work provides free coffee and donuts every morning and I answer “No”, that… Read more »