Former CIA Analyst Larry Johnson Breaks Down Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip and What it Means (VIDEO)

Former longtime CIA analyst Larry Johnson was asked what does Pelosi’s Taiwan trip mean as the United States policy stumbles in the Ukraine and Russia continues to advance and win.

“He is failing to acknowledge that Russia is prevailing in the conflict in Ukraine, and he hints about it that the support for Zelensky is eroding in Washington, and I think that’s absolutely correct. Because the Ukrainians have nothing to show for all of the what is it $87 billion dollars plus that the United States has been pouring into the Ukraine.”

Johnson continued..

“The Ukrainians so far have not been able to capture and hold territory that was held by Russia. Instead just the opposite is happening, we’ve seen the escalation of casualties on the Ukrainian side, upwards of 1,000 dying per day. Units abandoning their posts, deserting.”

Johnson breaks down even more of Taiwan and how it ties to Ukraine, watch the full interview below, it’s educational and fascinating.

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