During a Friday segment of ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight,’ Sean Parnell, a former Army Captain who earned a Purple Heart and a two-time Bronze Star recipient defended his stand against Critical Race Theory (CRT) and said, “The military’s promotion of CRT will ultimately cost lives on the battlefield.”

Also, as a senate Candidate in Pennsylvania, he tore into Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, General Mark A. Milley, for his defense of teaching CRT in the armed forces.

“If you are looking for a way to destroy the United States military from the inside out without firing a shot, talk about what he’s talking about and implement Critical Race Theory,” Parnell began, “It makes it harder to accomplish the mission and ultimately I think it will cost lives on the battlefield.”

“I was blessed to lead an infantry platoon on the border on Afghanistan and Pakistan.  We were probably the most diverse unit that you could possibly imagine.  Northerners serving next southerners, black next to white, Christians next to atheists next to Jews, rich next to poor, young versus old, and yes, Democrats next to Republicans,” he continued.

“We didn’t focus on our many differences.  There were no hyphenated Americans with us in Afghanistan and what we realized our secret weapon was is it wasn’t the sexy guns and equipment the we had.  It was a love and brotherhood that we have for one another that allow us to defeat the enemy at every single turn.”

“Critical Race Theory undermines all of that.  It’s a disaster.  When men and women raise their right hand to serve this country, they do so because they believe that America is an exceptional nation worth defending,  CRT undermines that because it teaches people that America is fundamentally bad, it’s evil, its systems need to be reinvented because at their core, well they’re racist. That, Tucker is a national security threat.”

“What truly bothers me is the Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff should be focused on an exit strategy in Afghanistan.  We’ve been in there for 20 years, over half of my life, and instead, he is reading Lenin, Marx, and studying Critical Race Theory.  How about we get an exit strategy in Afghanistan.  How about we focus on bringing men and women home and taking care of them when they come home?”

“If the chairman does not recognize the threat, the caustic nature of Critical Race Theory and the threat it poses to our military, then I think he should consider resigning.”

Parnell lost a really close congressional race in 2020 to Democratic Rep. Conor Lamb, and recently declared his candidacy for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania.

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