Forensic Experts Prove Hunter Biden’s Laptop Exists and Belonged to Him, Media Lied Again

As many of you know by now, Hunter Biden released his “Tell-all” memoir book entitled “Beautiful Things” on Tuesday. However an Exclusive Bombshell from The Daily Mail shows that he left out virtually everything from his life, and the book is a complete farce. has revealed those secrets of his abandoned laptop in their latest expose on the disgruntled son of Joe Biden. Including a Cache of 103,000 text messages, 154,000 emails, and more than 2,000 photos who were verified by top forensics experts.

Hunter left his MacBook Pro at a Wilmington, Delaware computer repair shop back in April of 2019 and then never returned for it. Why, we don’t know. I’m guessing it has something to do with a certain female who’s now going after him for child support in Arkansas.

According to The Daily Mail Hunter repeatedly dodged police action against him, even though he was constantly dealing with drug dealers and prostitutes, and then multiple run ins with law enforcement.

Somehow in 2018, Hunter was guarded by a Secret Service agent while he was on a prostitute binge in Hollywood, and he wasn’t even entitled to Secret Service protection at that time. No one seems to be able to answer this question either?

Hunter also appeared obsessed with making pornographic films with prostitutes, videos and photos on his laptop show that according to The Daily Mail.

Liberals will now argue that it’s just another conservative talking point like Hillary Clinton’s emails. Here’s the problem for our friends on the left. It’s still criminal. If Don Trump Jr or Eric Trump or even Ivanka Trump had done 1/100th of what Hunter Biden had been doing, there would be full blown indictments and Department of Justice investigations into them. You can’t prove me wrong on this, because I’m 100% right and everyone reading this knows it.

Even the text messages found on Hunters laptop show that now President Joe Biden was scared to death of his conversations with Hunter, and was worried that they were being hacked even as he discussed running for the presidency.

From The Daily Mail: “Hunter’s laptop is brimming with evidence of apparent criminal activity by him and his associates including drug trafficking and prostitution. This photo of him grabbing a woman’s hair was recovered from his laptop.” 

In March, Joe Biden even offered to pay his granddaughters dentists bills when his son hunter ran out of money.

The sad thing throughout this, is Joe Biden is an absolutely lousy and terrible President, but it does sure look like from the text messages, he truly loves his son, like most fathers do. I’m no fan of Joe Biden, and I’ve never lost a child as Joe has lost more than one in his lifetime. I can’t imagine the mindset he has in trying to do anything he can for a child, even if it’s wrong, or illegal to protect them.

At the end of the day, there is so much information in this piece from The Daily Mail, that we highly encourage you to go read it all. Take it all in. We have two conclusions, maybe three.

  1. Joe Biden Loves his son.
  2. Joe Biden is a terrible President
  3. Hunter doesn’t care about what his Dad has done for him.

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