Florida Reports Lowest Daily COVID-19 Cases per Capita in America (VIDEO)

The great state of Florida now has the lowest daily Covid-19 cases per capital in the United States. That’s without any draconian lockdowns or ridiculous mandates. That’s with using your immune systems, and letting Americans live their lives.

As of November 26, the update shows the Sunshine State reported a daily average of 1,393 cases as of Friday, or about 6 cases per 100,000 people. That represents a five percent decrease over the past two weeks from state health department data.

Keep in mind, it’s allergy season, flu season, cold season, but the media wants to act like all of those things have been eradicated and the only thing that exists is Covid, which is laughable and sickening.

Hawaii also had a daily average of 81 Covid-19 cases, or about six per 100,000 people, according to the data. Puerto Rico, a U.S. Territory had 82 Covid-19 cases, representing 2 cases per 100,000.

Other states showing extremely low numbers were Texas, Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana.

Michigan saw a daily average of 8,457 Covid-19 cases, or 85 cases per 100,000 people – which is the highest in the United States. Michigan has been locked down for two years thanks to a Democrat governor, and it’s obviously working out well for them. Hence the sarcasm here.

Michigan shows a 59 percent increase in cases over the past two weeks. Hence why lockdowns do not and are not working against this disease. Herd Immunity is the way.

New Hampshire, New Mexico, and Vermont were next with 73, 67, and 61 covid Covid-19 cases per 100,000 people according to the data.

The low case numbers in Florida were touted by Gov. Ron DeSantis’s press secretary.

“It just shows once again the success of Governor DeSantis’s science based and data-based policies,” press secretary Christina Pushaw told Fox News over the weekend. “He’s always made decisions based on the data and that continued even during the Delta surge this summer what he realized would help was not mask mandates in school or lockdowns but provide treatment that actually works.”

DeSantis has been praised by Republicans and jeered by Democrats throughout the process, but one thing is for sure. DeSantis didn’t trample on his citizens rights and freedoms like the majority of governors in America like RINO’s Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas, or Democrat Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan.

Both the 5th Circuit Court and the 6th Circuit Court have blocked Biden’s overreach and tyrannical mandatory vaccination mandates.

Thanks to our friends at The Epoch Times for contributing to this article.

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