Florida More Red Than Ever as 2022 Midterms Near with Nearly 5.2 Million Registered Republicans and Growing Daily

For the second year in a row Republicans have beat out Democrats in new registered voters in Florida. According to the Florida Division of Elections (FDE), Republicans have registered 175,911 more registered voters in total.

As of May 31, and according to official data from FDE, the Florida Republican Party has added 82,900 more voters to its party since the last major U.S. election cycle in 2020. Registered Republicans now number 5,135,749 compared to registered Democrats total of 4,959,838 in the Sunshine State.

These registrations numbers reflect the gradual shift of Florida registered voters toward becoming a solidly red state. Many think that after the 2022 election, there’s a good chance Florida may be solid red, no longer being a swing state.

Some Democrats are getting nervous, like Allen Ellison Democrat for U.S. Congress said, “As of now, Republicans now outnumber Democrats by 165,911 voters in Florida. I’m calling on all voter registration groups to assist me in getting Democratic voters registered. If we are to have achance, we need voters. “Who still believes in the power of collective votes?” Ellison told Democrats on social media on June 27, 2022.

There is an ongoing shift of Hispanic voters toward the Republican Party, as demonstrated by the recent victory of Texas Republican Representative Mayra Flores and former President Trump’s support among members of the Hispanic community. In April, polling showed that only about 25% of Hispanics approved of Biden, with many citing poor economy as reasoning for their disapproval of Biden and the Democratic Party, the Daily Caller New Foundation (DCNF) reported.

FiveThirtyEight said polling and the mass migration of registrations are spelling trouble for the Democratic Party come this November. Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Republican Senator Marco Rubio are “clearly favored to win” in this year’s upcoming election.

The Associated Press reported last week that over a million Americans have abandoned the Democratic Party and have re-registered as Republican over the past year. The shifts in registration have occurred in states and municipalities that were once crucial battlegrounds for both parties in national elections, with Florida being an example.

Listen, what is that roar. Oh, it must be the giant red wave we are hearing! Just remember, to keep up the roar, everyone must get out and vote.

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