Florida Middle School Students Arrested, Charged with ‘Hate Crime’ After Beating Up Group of White Kids Screaming ‘You’re White, It’s Opposite Day’ and ‘Brown Power’ (VIDEO)

A horrific hate crime has happened to student victims who were targeted for their race, beaten with sticks and cables according to authorities.

A group of middle school students were arrested for the hate crime, as they yelled “You’re white, it’s opposite day” and “Brown Power” while beating the other students with sticks and cables. Five Lions Creek Middle School students were arrested in what police are calling a “racially provoked attack.”

Students told police they were tackled and beaten up with sticks and cable cords, and repeatedly punched and kicked.

The following is from NBC 6 in Miami:

One student said he was attacked after he was dropped off at the center before classes. He told NBC 6 that a group of guys from his school ran over to “jump” him and another group of students.

The attackers hit and kicked him, and yelled things that made him believe that he was being targeted because he is white, the student said.

“I put my hands up so they don’t whack my face,” he said. “After they jumped me, they said, this is, like, revenge for what they did in the 1700s for slavery.”

Five kids have been charged with battery, but on the arrest report, it says “with prejudice,” which elevates the charge to a felony.


Good thing that white privilege was on their side.

Broward County Public Schools said in a statement that this was an off-campus incident that police and fire responded to. The principal of the school sounded out a robocall to make parents aware of the incident, saying they are always working to provide a safe and secure learning environment and will work to ensure that any off-campus incidents do not impact students at the middle school.

“They can’t do anything to the other kids because it didn’t happen on school property,” said Frank Foster, who said his kid was attacked. “He wants to go back to school there because all of his friends are there, but he doesn’t feel safe. There’s an opportunity to move out, but that seems like a punishment.”

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