Florida Candidate Willam Braddock Caught Plotting Murder of Opponent on Tape

In a startling new secretly recorded video, William Braddock a Republican running for Congress in Florida, was caught on tape talking about having his opponent Anna Paulina Luna killed for the “good of the country” …and because apparently she was in the way of him getting billions of dollars in funding. He is not cryptic about it either, and proudly boast that he has the ties to the Russian mafia to do it in the video below:

Braddock goes on to say his opponent is just an “influencer” and shows no remorse about killing her, depending on what the polls come back and say before the election. Would anyone else like to know who was supplying “billions” of dollars and why?

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Msgt Moore
Msgt Moore
1 month ago

I don’t believe a real patriot would stoop that low. He must be a rino, just in it for what he can get out of it. I hope he goes to jail

1 month ago

“I have Russian Mob and Freemason contacts.”
Here’s your Mob and Freemason contacts… and they’re gone.
They are gonna throw you under the bus just for mentioning them this way.
Assuming they existed at all.