FLIP FLOP: McConnell Says He Would Support Trump in 2024 if He’s the Nominee

Mitch McConnell spent 20 minutes on the Senate floor attacking the 45th President of the United States and bashing him, blaming him for the incident that happened at the Capitol on January 6.

Now on a recent episode of Bret Baier McConnell has again flip flopped saying he would absolutely support Donald J. Trump if he’s the nominee in 2024. Why is he saying this now? Because the GOP realize they don’t run the party anymore, the people love Trump, and they love the Trump family.

“Mitch McConnell just said on Fox News that if Donald Trump is the GOP presidential nominee in 2024 then he will support him,” the Washington Post reported.

Watch the insane video below as Mitch flip flops yet again on Donald Trump.

Recent polling shows that nearly 80% of Trump supporters would vote for him again in 2024.


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1 year ago

I really don’t give a Rat’s Ass who McConnell might endorse, he’s over-estimating his political influence.