FISA Court BANS FBI/DOJ Officials Involved In Carter Page Warrants

On Wednesday, Judge James Boasberg wrote a 19-page-opinion, ordering that any individual involved in the warrants against Carter Page be banned from working with the courts to conduct surveillance, due to the seriousness of their misconduct represented in the process a few years ago.

“FBI personnel under disciplinary review in relation to their work on FISA applications accordingly should not participate in drafting, verifying, reviewing, or submitting such applications to the Court while the review is pending,” he wrote.

“The same prohibition applies to any DOJ attorney under disciplinary review, as well as any DOJ or FBI personnel who are the subject of a criminal referral related to their work on FISA applications.”

In the announcement, the judge claims that “omissions of material fact were the most prevalent and among the most serious problems with the Page applications.”

Additionally, Boasberg says he believes “the frequency and seriousness” of the errors that were found in the Inspector General’s report has “called into question the reliability of the information proffered in other FBI applications.”

The Inspector General’s report of alleged FISA abuse previously highlighted “17 inaccuracies and omissions” by members of the FBI and Justice Department, when they used the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act courts to spy on Trump in 2016.

Two out of the four warrants from the intelligence officials have now been declared invalid by the Justice Department.

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