First Major Election Without Legendary Rush Limbaugh Turning Out to Be a Dumpster Fire for Conservatives

Rush Limbaugh was the driving force behind conservatives and election for the last 3 decades or more. His speeches encouraging candidates and voters alike behind his infamous Golden EIB Microphone were legendary in their own right.

However as the Republican Party looks to leaders, and who to lead them heading into one of the most difficult and dangerous midterms in American history, the party is at odds like never before.

Rush guided the GOP through a disgusting and hostile media landscape since 1988, and now he’s not here to do this. The RINO’s are embedded in the party like never before, certain groups are touring the country telling folks their votes don’t matter, and no one other than the amazing Scott Pressler and our own Matt Couch are pushing voter registration, working phone banks, poll watchers, and getting involved. They just expect you to listen to them moan and complain, while offering little to no solutions on what to do.

The party is flawed, RINO’s are abundant, however the biggest problem is that we lack a Ronald Reagan in leadership. Reagan always talked about 80/20. It meant simply this. You’re not going to agree with everything that people say or do, but if we can be 80/20 or even 70/30, we can get along and get things done for the betterment of the nation.

People don’t think that way anymore, if you have one thing that a group of radicals on the right disagree with, they’ll make it their mission in life to destroy your campaign, knowing damn well that a radical leftist Democrat will be winning that seat. Yes folks, RINO’s (Republicans in Name Only) are bad, but they aren’t as bad as the radical left that seeks to usher in socialism, and to destroy America from within. All the while selling the souls of Americans to the Chinese and others in the name of Democracy.

It’s hard to gauge that Rush averaged somewhere between 15 and 30 million weekly listeners, but he had nearly 50% of the party listening to him weekly for most of his career. He was written about, interviewed, wrote books, and did all he could to stand for America. We don’t have a guy like that in a leadership role that people trust for conservatives. That just doesn’t exist, as the party is divided with constant bickering, bitching, moaning, and infighting.

No one that is a conservative is for the most part for abortion. It’s a horrible thing, the Bible speaks on this. But when you look at the Herschel Walker situation, Christians in the party act like God couldn’t have forgiven Herschel for an accusations from 2009, over 13 years ago? An accusation that is baseless as the Daily Beast writers won’t name the source, won’t show the receipt they claim to have, won’t show the canceled check of Walkers (which makes no sense, because they would have had to of gotten that from Walker, not the person accusing him 4 weeks before an election), they have no facts, just a cool story as usual.

Meanwhile conservatives are willing to let a Democrat wife beater in Raphael Warnock win the U.S. Senate in Georgia once again because of a story that came out with no facts about it. Couple that with Walker’s own son coming out hours after the hit piece from the Daily Beast and attacking him, calling him a lousy father. Of course the last few years Christian Walker has constantly defended his father on programs, in interviews, in articles, and on social media. What changed? The timing isn’t suspect at all. Yes, I’m being sarcastic as Hell.

Tucker Carlson might be the guy that can carry and take that torch from the late, great Rush Limbaugh. Unfortunately, we’ve seen nothing from many of these folks in regards to encouraging folks to vote, get involved, and do those little intangibles that it takes to win elections. Why is that, not even President Trump or his allies are beating the drum like they should daily.

They should be saying this multiple times a day on social media, in email blasts, etc. The message should be simple and clear. Get and and vote. Register new voters. Tell people to vote. Encourage people to vote straight red up and down the aisle, but they aren’t doing that. The message is about look how the media is attacking me. Guess what, no one gives a shit anymore! We’re all tired of it. We’re tired of the drama, we’re tired of the fighting, and dammit we just want to Make America Great Again without all the bullshit. Is that too much to ask?

So as I close talking about how our movement lacks true leadership with the loss of Rush, let this sink in. What have you done to help on November 8? Have you registered a new voter? Have you told people to vote? Are you involved locally, state, or federally working on campaigns? Are you a poll watcher? Are you working a phone bank? Have you done anything to contribute besides paying hundreds of dollars to go to one of these events to listen to people making asinine amounts of money bitch and complain about America?

I digress, but the message is clear. Our party lacks leadership, and it shows. The time to stand up for America is right now!

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2 months ago

Hey DC Patriot; have a little respect for the dead and shut your trap.
I wasn’t Rush,s biggest fan, but there is no need for this.

Norma Miller
Norma Miller
2 months ago

Rush supported and encouraged Trump’s leadership; Rush is gone, but DONALD TRUMP is still fighting and providing the LEADERSHIP needed!