Firefighters Rescue Naked Man Trapped Inside Wall of New York Theater

An insane story coming out of Syracuse, New York as Firefighters have apparently rescued a naked man who was trapped inside the wall of a theater.

Emergency crews were called to the Landmark Theater just after 7:30 a.m. as theater employees heard banging sounds and calls for help from within a wall.

The Syracuse Fire Department says firefighters drilled a hole in a wall and used a fiber optic snake camera to pinpoint the man’s exact location within the wall.

After using a sledgehammer to break through several layers of drywall and structural clay tile, the man was freed.

Deputy Fire Chief John Kane told local news website that the man had been hiding in the theater for two days. He had been hiding in the attic crawl space in the theater before falling int a space within the wall of the men’s bathroom, Kane stated.

The man was taken to a local hospital, he had no visible injuries and was likely suffering from dehydration, Kane said.

It still remains unclear why the main was doing what he was doing, why he was naked, or why he was hiding.

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