Fields of Therapy

An amazing writing by a longtime friend of mine and local law enforcement agent discussing the work on his farm that he’s done for decades, it’s a beautiful sentiment in a world of ugly America.

Every now and then, we just have to take a step back and realize that no matter the trials and tribulations of what we’re going through, we truly are blessed as Americans. I hope you’ll enjoy this phenomenal short story from a true American.

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Check out “Fields of Therapy” below from Wes Hart.

As I headed to the barn today to put the tractor up, I stopped to look at my completed work of bush hogging like I always do. Reminded myself that I have bush hogged the same fields for the last 30 years starting at the age of 14.

At the age of 14, starting on a 60’s model Ford, I was cut loose from pops after proving I can do it. I remember how great it felt to be independent on a tractor.

From that first day, I remember just clearing my head and wondering about school things and my horsemanship competitions I had coming up and of course a crush I had at the time. The fields cleared my head.

During High School, I would think about school, football team I was on, and what lies ahead for me. The fields cleared my head.

Later, days after my father passed, failed marriages, a diagnosis on my daughter, PD stress, new relationships & new roles in my career. The fields cleared my head.

As life moves on, so will the piling on of thoughts, and when I need a therapeutical session, the fields will ALWAYS clear my head.

~ W.R.H.

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