Feds Spent $2.1 Million of YOUR Tax Dollars for Ethiopian Prostitutes Sen. Kennedy Says (VIDEO)

Dear Lord, we wish this was satire, and we’re not the Babylon Bee. This is a real story, so continue reading at your own rise.

Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) stunned the nation by revealing how members of Congress have been squandering our hard-earned tax money.

“I have seen the federal government, for example give $530,000 to a group called Hookers for Jesus. I have seen the federal government spend $2.1 million for sex education for Ethiopian prostitutes,” he said during an interview on Fox News Channel. “And I could continue with other examples of spending porn. And every time that Congress allows this to happen, it is as if Congress is taking a Great Dane-size whiz down the leg of every taxpayer in America.”

Hookers for Jesus is run by a Christian sex trafficking survivor who operates a safe house for trafficking victims.

“This is a bipartisan problem, this isn’t just Democrats,” Kennedy explained. “A couple years ago I passed a bill. It was like pulling teeth to try to reduce the number of checks that the federal government sends to dead people – checks which get cashed, obviously fraud. It was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. And a lot of the indifference and in some cases opposition came from Republicans.”

Thanks to our friends at ToddStarnes.com for contributing to this article.

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Wrainn (@Wrainn)
9 months ago

Disgusting. I replied to your gettr post. All of this tax money they take from us & this is how they spend it.