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Federal Judge Gives FBI Less Than 90 Days to Release ALL Seth Rich Information to Attorneys

A federal judge has now given the FBI less than 90 days to stop stalling and to release all information in regards to Seth Rich, the DNC Staffer who was murdered at 4:19 AM on the morning of July 10th, 2016.

Attorney Ty Clevenger who’s worked with and became a friend of our own Matt Couch and has represented Ed Butowsky has fought tooth and nail with them for the truth in this brutal investigation that has been covered up at every turn.

MEMORANDUM OPINION AND ORDER. It is therefore ORDERED that Defendants’ Motion to Stay Scheduling Order Deadlines (Dkt. [10]) is hereby GRANTED in part and DENIED in part. It is FURTHER ORDERED the Scheduling Order in this case is amended as follows: April 23, 2021 Deadline for Defendants’ Complete Production of Documents and Vaughn Index;

The following is a massive win as the FBI and powers that be have been working overtime to try to keep this information from coming out.

The FBI in a recent email back to our attorneys said they now have over 20,000 pages of documents relating to Seth Rich, as well as Seth Rich’s laptop. Both were revelations as they had denied investigating it or having the laptop for over three years. Huge wins all the way around in getting to the truth in this unsolved murder.

The Judge gave the FBI 82 days to produce all material in their possession that mentions the name Seth Rich.

We’ve been fighting for the truth in this investigation for four years. Less than three months is a massive victory America. The truth is slowly coming out, we’re continuing to fight for it, so are the amazing attorneys that represent us and work with us daily.

Evidence was hidden, it’s being found and discovered, we must continue to fight for this. We’re not giving up, we hope you’ll keep hanging with us! We won’t let this go!

Stay the Course!

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Jeff Ellis
Jeff Ellis
1 month ago

Sadly, this Judge has likely signed his own death sentence. Covid-19 is the perfect explanation for his sudden death, or even better the Covid “Vaccine” (as with Hank Aaron), and the autopsy will be performed by a Clinton bought and paid for “Medical Examiner”. Three more months is plenty of time to set up the Judge and cover all the evidence. And if anyone questions the autopsy, that investigation will take 5 years and the investigator will die from Covid-24 or the “Vaccine” for Covid-24. And so it goes…

manuel vega
manuel vega
1 month ago

Even Judges get tired of rubberstamp justice ..and on occasion…one hits it out the ballpark.


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1 month ago

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I trust this is a big step forward, though I am dismayed at all the defeatist comments on Twitter – we need to stand together now strong in unity as much as possible and I don’t see the use in this strange, new, I am wiser than you b/c I see we are all doomed and I am accepting it – We have to push forward, while always finding new ways and putting our trust in God – what is the alternative? With every win like this there is more exposure – with each ounce of exposure there is a… Read more »


this is the kind of comment that makes entirely no sense to me – with this kind of attitude, it’s no wonder non want to act in courage and integrity – total defeatist – someone has to be brave and have courage and take first steps – God protects those who walk in faith and there ARE different and new activities and resources being implemented

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