Federal Courts Slap Down Biden’s Move to Limit States’ Tax Cuts as Unconstitutional

The Biden Administration is reeling this weekend after another legal battle in federal courts where they were hoping to limit the states’ tax cut rights. The administration was trying to block states’ from making their own tax cuts.

The Biden administration’s unconstitutional policy was part of the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package.

“U.S. District Judge Douglas Cole issued the permanent injunction requested by Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, a Republican who argued the administration was trying to impose a ‘tax mandate’ on states,’ the Washington Times reported.

“The Biden administration reached too far, seized too much and got its hand slapped,” Yost said. “This is a monumental win for the preservation of the U.S. Constitution — the separation of powers is real, and it exists for a reason.”

“The judge ruled on Thursday that the tax mandate ‘falls short of the clarity’ that Supreme Court precedent requires for the Constitution’s spending clause covering grants to states,” the report continued. “He disagreed with Ms. Yellen’s argument that Treasury regulations clarified the question.”

“The Tax Mandate exceeds Congress’s power under the Constitution,” Judge Cole wrote.

What are your thoughts America, this is the second loss for the Biden Administration in a week, as Thursday the Supreme Court handed down yet another loss when they stopped the rogue administration from stopping two Arizona bills for election integrity.

“I am deeply disappointed in today’s decision by the United States Supreme Court that undercuts the Voting Rights Act,” Biden said. “In a span of just eight years, the Court has now done severe damage to two of the most important provisions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 – a law that took years of struggle and strife to secure.”

Also on Thursday the Supreme Court struck down a California law that non-profit groups must disclose their funders to law enforcement.

This was a great week for the United States Constitution.

Thanks to our friends at Becker News for contributing to this article.

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10 months ago

Biden will by later to shake your couch for quarters. The Left believe every cent you’ve earned is theirs and it’s just a matter of separating you from your earnings – you know, for the GREATER GOOD.