Federal Court Says Biden’s Mandate Cannot Force Doctors to Violate Religious Beliefs on Transgender Surgeries of Minors, Abortion

Biden as you may recall originally through down a mandate that would require doctors to perform transgender surgeries. Now that has changed thanks to a federal court.

Lawsuits quickly ensued, and the plaintiffs argued that they shouldn’t be forced to do something that they don’t believe in.

The lawsuits work, and Biden’s mandate has been blocked!

Via The Daily Caller:

Judge Reed O’Connor of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas, Wichita Falls Division, granted ‘a permanent injunction’ to the Christian plaintiffs ‘to be exempt from the government’s requirement to perform abortions and gender-transition procedures.’

The ruling was a big win, even for those that weren’t concerned about a moral compass. Vice President and Senior Counsel at Becket Fund for Religious Liberty Luke Goodrich had the following to say.

Vice President and senior counsel at Becket Fund for Religious Liberty Luke Goodrich said:

Today’s ruling protects patients, aligns with current medical research, and ensures doctors aren’t forced to violate their religious beliefs and medical judgment–a victory for common-sense, conscience, and sound medicine.

The plaintiffs consisted of a group of over 20,000 healthcare professionals. The ruling is significant because it also encompasses abortion.

According to the report from The Daily Caller, the decisions tops Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra from enforcing law “in a manner that would require them to perform or provide insurance coverage for gender-transition procedures or abortions.”

Thanks to our friends at The Daily Caller for contributing to this article.

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