Fearmonger Dr. Deborah Birx Warns Of Post-Thanksgiving COVID Case Explosion

The so-called “experts” are really steamed that Americans didn’t take their advice to cancel Thanksgiving and they fanned out across the Sunday morning “news” shows to traffic in fear and doom. 

Despite being not nearly as popular as her elfen cohort Dr. Fauci, coronavirus task force member Dr. Deborah Birx got her chance to share the limelight as the intensification of a major push to lock down the nation for Christmas is in full swing. 

Dr. Birx added a face diaper to her trademark scarf for an appearance on CBS’s “Face The Nation” where she called for mask mandates while predicting a dramatic spike in COVID cases that just happen to coincide with the onset of the traditional flu season. 

According to Birx, Americans who didn’t listen to career bureaucrats and paid liars and celebrated turkey day with family should just assume that they are infected and get tested. 

With more tests producing more “cases” whether people are actually sick or not only feeds the media’s nonstop fearmongering and provides justification for Christmas lockdowns by Democrat governors. 

Via CBS News, “Birx says Americans who gathered for Thanksgiving should assume they’re infected and get tested”:

Dr. Deborah Birx, the coordinator of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, warned Sunday that Americans who traveled for the Thanksgiving holiday and attended large gatherings should assume they were infected with the coronavirus and get tested within the next few days.

“We know people may have made mistakes over the Thanksgiving time period,” Birx said in an interview with “Face the Nation.” “If you’re young and you gathered, you need to be tested about five to 10 days later. But you need to assume that you’re infected and not go near your grandparents and aunts and others without a mask.”

Birx also said it’s crucial to avoid others with comorbidities.

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Additionally, Dr. Birx gave host Margaret Brennan an update on when she would be delivering briefings to the transition team for president media-select Joe Biden. 

Transcript excerpt:

MARGARET BRENNAN: When will you begin briefing the Biden administration?

DR. BIRX: I hope on Monday, because what’s really critical is we’ve spent the last nine months really developing sophisticated databases that are bringing together information from across the count- across the country, down to the county level. We can see who is being admitted. We can see who’s getting sick. We can see where this virus is moving in communities. And I think the one thing that we will bring to the Biden administration in that discussion is to understand how they want to see the data because data isn’t helpful if it’s not actionable. And each group needs to see it the way it makes them, moves them to action. And that’s why we write the governor’s report weekly to really ensure every governor understands what we’re seeing and what we think needs to be done.

MARGARET BRENNAN: There are still 10 weeks or so of the Trump presidency left. When have you last briefed the president and why aren’t we hearing from him?

DR. BIRX: Well, I brief the vice president, obviously, daily. I write a daily report that goes up to him every single day. It incl- it has a synopsis of what’s happening across the country, state by state, county by county, hospital by hospital, who’s being admitted, what the age group of the admissions are, and what our recommendations are at the highest levels of government. And that same document goes to senior leadership in HHS every single day to really alert them to what I’m seeing in the data each early morning.

The dynamic duo delivered a one-two punch with their apocalyptic doomsaying with Dr. Fauci showing up on NBC’s “Meet The Press” to suggest that Americans had better accept having Christmas stolen from them. 

Partial transcript via Grabien:

TODD: “Look, it took, what was it? About a week before Thanksgiving that the CD.C. came out and advised against travel. Are we going to see more dire warnings given about travel now, essentially now in the next week or two as we prepare for the end of the year holidays and new years?”

FAUCI: “Chuck, I’d have to say, honestly, unless something changes dramatically, which I don’t see that happening because the curves when you look at the dynamics of an outbreak that you see usually three, four, five-week period of time before curves start really coming down. So I think we’re going to be faced with another situation we’re going to have to make decisions as a nation, state, city and family that we’re in a very difficult time and we’re going to have to do the kinds of restrictions of things we would like to have done particularly in this holiday season because we’re entering into what’s really a precarious situation because we’re in the middle of a steep slope.

Lunchbucket Joe’s “dark winter” was just ushered in and the businesses that depended on heavy Christmas shopping volume to meet their sales goals are on the ropes and waiting for a knockout punch. 

If you thought that the Democrat restrictions on Thanksgiving were too much you ain’t seen nothing yet. 

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