FDA Approves Pfizer Jab After Only Confirming it Protects You From COVID-19 for 7 days

The FDA has officially approved the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine. What most don’t realize is what they are justifying this on. According to the announcement released by the FDA, they’ve found it’s 95% more effective in protecting you from getting COVID-19 within seven days of being injected than if you haven’t gotten the jab. Plus, there’s a lot of other bombshells in their announcement…

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Today is the day that the FDA has officially approved the very first COVID-19 vaccine. For the Left, they’ve been waiting for this day to throw it in our faces that we need to get The Jab after all of our complaints about it not being FDA approved. I’m expecting businesses to immediately start mandating these injections at rapid pace now, which will cause many of us with concerns to have a difficult road ahead of us.

Unfortunately for us, the vast majority of Americans just look at the headlines. Today, that headline is dedicated to the FDA approval of the Pfizer “Vaccine.” If you take the time to read the “science” that the FDA uses to justify this approval, it will literally shock you. 

Well, then again, it may not shock you if you’ve been following along with my show Let’s Talk Right Now every Monday through Friday at 10am PT and understand the lies and deceit surrounding the COVID-19 “pandemic” and the corresponding “vaccines.”

According to the FDA Announcement letter released today, the FDA made its decision based on the “data, and review of manufacturing information regarding product quality and consistency,” as well as their committee vote that was conducted December 10, 2020… which was EIGHT months ago. This vote was conducted after a Pfizer study in which they kept tabs on how many people died from the vaccine, but didn’t release that information because it wasn’t a part of the study. You literally can’t make this kind of stuff up.

The FDA’s letter declared that they did a two month study in which they followed 37,586 participants for “two months after receiving the second does, (and) did not identify specific safety concerns that would preclude insurance of an EUA.” However, when doing their study on the effectiveness of The Jab with 36,523 participants, they only confirmed its effectiveness for “at least 7 days after the second dose.”

So let me get this straight: They only followed people around for seven days to test its effectiveness? Am I missing something here? The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is only confirmed 95% effective for seven whole days. A week. A quarter of a month. Sunday to Saturday. According to the FDA, this is the test that got them this number.

Are those getting jabbed as we speak aware that they are only “protected” from COVID-19 for seven days, after which we have no clue as to the effectiveness?

While they are wanting us to trust them that this “safe and effective” COVID-19 Jab is 95% effective (for up to at least a week), they are officially approving the vax BEFORE they do their study on myocarditis and pericarditis, which creates heart inflammation in young boys as young as 16 years old. A condition of the approval was that Pfizer would do a study on this serious side effect from the injection. Shouldn’t this have been done before the FDA approved this?

Then, out of the goodness of Pfizer’s heart, they announced that they are planning to do a study about potential side effects relating to reproductive organs, pregnancy and birth defects. So, while everyone is getting mandated to get The Jab, they haven’t even done a study on the effects this experimental drug has on young women and their ability to give birth. Again, are you kidding me?

The real kicker in all of this is the math in which they claim that COVID-19 is 95% effective. You’d think that this would mean that you have a 95% chance of not getting this coronavirus if you get the jab… except that, according to the statistics, the unvaccinated have approximately a 95% chance of not getting COVID-19.

The way that they do the math is they compared the number of the vaccinated who got COVID-19 within a week of their second dose vs how many of the unvaccinated got COVID-19 within a week of their second dose. In this case, 8 of the vaccinated got COVID-19 within a week compared to 162 of the unvaccinated… in a study of almost 40,000 participants.

So, out of 40,000 participants, they are saving 154 people from testing positive for COVID-19… and that’s not even going into the debacle that is the PCR tests.

The science and data is simply all over the place. They are using numbers that simply do not hold up to scrutiny. Just because the Pfizer Jab is FDA-approved, does not mean that it should be. Don’t just watch the headlines, read the actual numbers. When you do, you’ll be shocked at what you find.
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11 months ago

I’d like to see the letter. I’m not doubting you. I’m a Reagan republican.