FBI Says They Had Seth Rich’s Laptop for Almost 6 Years and Never Looked at It: Want Additional 70 Years to Produce Documents Files On It

The saga of the FBI trying to cover up the still unsolved murder of Seth Rich continues, as they’re now filing documents claiming that they’ve had his laptop for almost six years, but allegedly never looked at the contents of what’s on it.

In a filing from the FBI, provided by attorney Ty Clevenger working with our own Matt Couch and others to try to help solve the still unsolved murder of DNC Data Director of New Voter Registration Seth Rich the Bureau claims some absurd notions.

So the question is simple, how could the FBI say they’ve had the contents of Seth Rich’s laptop in their possession for nearly six years, but not look at, then all of a sudden claim “You can’t see I though, but trust us it’s not important stuff.” That’s essentially what’s happening with this never ending cover up of the murder of Seth Rich.

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So the FBI is claiming privacy rights is why they cannot all of a sudden now release the contents of Seth Rich’s laptop which they lied about having for years, to only say they have now, but you can’t see it, get it? No, we don’t either, and we’re tired of the constant lies and cover up by the FBI in this investigation.

How could the material on the laptop be so important if they never even bothered to look at it? A bit absurd to invoke  7(D)-3 or 7(E)-6 and also say “we didn’t have anything to do with the investigation, didn’t look at it, didn’t care about it–nothing to see. . .I mean unless you actually want to see. . .”

Now here’s where it gets really fun. The FBI lied about having anything to do with Seth Rich’s laptop or his murder investigation. Back on May 7th, 2021 as reported here at The DC Patriot, the FBI was awarded the opportunity to provide nearly 500,000 pages of documents to our attorneys at the rate of 500 pages per month due to their staffing issues with Covid. Meaning those documents relating to Seth Rich would all be released in 83 years. But trust them, this isn’t a conspiracy or cover up America, and you’re an enemy to the Republic if you think that.

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Well the FBI is back again, trying to ask for the same insane bullshit stipulations yet again on Seth Rich’s laptop.

That’s right America, they think you’re stupid, and they’re counting on keeping this murder covered up for ever. They now want you to wait 150 years in order to get and receive the information that they have, as well as the information on Seth Rich’s laptop, if you put the two time frames together. If you take the 83 years from the previous ruling of documents the FBI found related to Seth Rich, which was around 496,000 pages, and now the 400,000 pages they claim will be on the laptop, plus images and video, let’s call it another 70 years, and even it out at 150 years to produce it all. Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it America?

Once again though, trust the Department of Justice, the FBI, and those powers that be when they tell you if you think this is nothing more than a botched robbery, you’re a conspiracy theorist.

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chuck hester
chuck hester
1 month ago

well written pic. , everything govt. related is delayed yrs . JFK , 9-11 , Las Vegas , even this fake shot ask no tell for 50yrs. , but if you could get a high ranking judge with balls to demand – meaning demand them turn over – corrupt or mafia like .